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Most memorable crew experience?
My most memorable crew experience was the first race I had ever coxed. I was a freshman and the novice 8+ and I were at the terrifying, Turkey Lake… It was 55 degrees out and pouring, sitting on the water waiting for our race to begin for an hour. Finally, the boats get aligned and we are ready to take off. The ref calls go and BOOM another boat crashes into me… Great first time coxing.

Most embarrassing crew experience?
The most embarrassing experience I have had is when I was a rower fall of freshman year. I was racing in an 8+ for a 5k race at Benderson. I remember this being the longest race of my life and I felt like dying every second of the race, even though I probably wasn’t pulling. It was embarrassing because as we were only a few hundred meters in and our coxswain crashed us into land… I watched as our bow seat jumped out to push off us and the water went up to her knees. I then decided I would help because I was 2 seat and next thing you know; all you could see was my braid on the surface because I had completely gone underwater. The best part, we had to race another 4k to finish, soaking wet.

Favorite regatta?
My favorite regatta was Sweep States 2016. I was coxing the 2v and we had a rough season but we brought our A-game! Although we got second, everyone had finally come together to accomplish something great!

What will you miss the most?
I will miss the family we have made the most, the people I spend every day with, hours and hours each week. My friends I have made are family to me and I cannot imagine the next 4 years of my life without them.

What Crew taught you?
Crew has taught me to be a leader and respect others. Most importantly, crew has taught me to not settle for something less, I should always reach for the best.