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Most memorable crew experience?
On a day with a red tide, we were doing skill and drill in the basin. I grabbed a deceased fish floating in the water and lobbed it over my shoulder. I then heard a loud yell behind me, followed by Zach Fagiani exclaiming that he was going to punch whoever fit him in the face with a fish. I did eventually get that punch, but it was definitely worth it.

Most embarrassing crew experience?
In freshman year, during seat races, Coach Andy was switching people using the launch. While switching, I misplaced my foot and fell head-first into the water between the launch and the shell. Coming back up, I bumped my head into the underside of the launch. To throw salt in the wound, I got destroyed in my seat race.

Favorite regatta?
Head of the Charles 2016 – It was so fun traveling with all my friends, making some good jokes and life-long memories. We trained so many extra hours and it felt so amazing to see it pay off in all the boats that went.

What will you miss the most?
I’ll miss my friends the most, the people who made even the most painful practices bearable and action-packed my weekends with nights to remember forever.

What Crew taught you?
Crew taught me the value of dedication and hard work. Every single practice you have to do your best to reap the rewards of your efforts. If you want to win, you need to do more than your competition every single day. Learn to love the erg!