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Most memorable crew experience?
Winning the Intrasquad regatta on my birthday and then getting thrown in the water in celebration.

Most embarrassing crew experience?
The time I went to spit in the water and ended up falling off the dock. No one could do anything about if for a few minutes because were laughing too hard. Or the time Erin and I flipped our double. Ten feet from the dock. Two days before regionals.

Favorite regatta?
Sculling States 2015, Erin and I made our way through heats and semifinals, but we were extremely nervous for finals. The race went well and our sprint was better than ever. The buzzers sounded right on top of each other and the officials took forever to call us to the awards dock. We eventually found out they had to review the finish from the video. They ended up not being able to determine third place and we tied for second.

What will you miss the most?
I’ll miss the amazing rows on flat water that remind us all why we do this sport and seeing all the wildlife with Kirby. I’ll also miss seeing and laughing with my closest friends every day

What Crew taught you?
Crew taught me to be responsible. I learned how to manage my time and be responsible for the work I put out in every aspect of my life.