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Most memorable crew experience?
HP Camp overall was most memorable. Atomic Hot Sauce at The Lube! The camp days all blur together…eat, row, sleep, eat, row, sleep…but through it all I gained greater technical skills and speed on the water.

Most embarrassing crew experience?
Falling asleep on the bus on the way to a race at Club Nationals, then waking up when the driver was back at the hotel – had to have him turn around and go right back so I did not miss my race.

Favorite regatta?
No particular favorite – I enjoyed them all! The excitement of states at Benderson is always fun.

What will you miss the most?
I will miss the regattas as well as being around such a great group of people. My team members and coaches are amazing! I will always remember the serenity of rowing on the bay. Being out on the water at practice especially when the waters are calm…there’s nothing like it in the world!

What Crew taught you?
Crew taught me to always work hard and persevere. The determination to succeed and push through the pain is a core value I learned from crew, and one which I apply to all areas of life