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Drake University

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Most memorable crew experience?
My most memorable crew experience is when I did HP camp. I remember waking up at five am and being so tired that I would talk about the most random things to my friend Reagan, for example why were penguins wearing tuxedos or why bacon tastes amazing. I remember just the joy and pain I felt showing up to practice debating whether to walk up the path and drive away or bare another row that made me feel successful at the end of it. I remember all the laughs and cries I had during each piece and all he blisters and ibuprofen I went through. I remember the feeling of finally understanding the rowing concept and what rowing really is and what it should look and feel like. I remember becoming a part of a family and loving every moment of it. The most memorable experience was experiencing the world of crew.

Most embarrassing crew experience?
My most embarrassing crew experience was during the summer of 2016 when I went to Ohio for club nationals during HP camp. It was in the hotel room and I was laughing at Reagan for stubbing her toe or something and I decided to jump on the bed but forgot that there was a ceiling fan and smacked my head super hard. The reminder of that day I wore an ice bag as a helmet and I never doubted karma again.

Favorite regatta?
My favorite regatta was districts 2016. It was my first districts regatta and I did not mind the line-up I was in and I got to make some weird t shirts. Every regatta after districts is always fun because it shows us that all the efforts have paid off and the team comes together the most.

What will you miss the most?
I will miss the glass water with a vibrant sunset rows the most. I remember in the summer I would row the piece and then row in past the mangroves and looking at sun casting a pink or orange glow across the crystal water. The water would turn metallic with the pink reflecting off and the feeling of amazement and beauty rushing through me as well as accomplishment because glass water usually supplies solid rows.

What Crew taught you?
Crew has taught me the value of teamwork. Coming from an individual sport I never realized that teamwork was an enjoyable thing, but after a while, I built strong relationships and became able to rely on others to help me achieve a common goal.