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University of Louisville

University of Louisville

Most memorable crew experience?
Winning Regionals in 2018 in the V8, qualifying us to race the 8+ at Nationals since 2015. We put in a lot of work and time to prepare for that race and went in with questionable confidence, so we ended up proving our own ability to ourselves which meant a lot.

Most embarrassing crew experience?
My most embarrassing crew experience was losing to Marlon and Malaki in the 2- heats at Clemson 2019.

Favorite regatta?
My favorite regatta was Head of the Charles in 2016. I seat raced into the 8+ my sophomore year and didn’t know what to expect- we ended up placing 19th and it was an overall really cool first experience.

What will you miss the most?
I will miss my best friends the most, I don’t know if I would have made it through the past 6 years without them. I will also always be thankful for this second family that I’ve had the opportunity to train alongside with every day and share mutual bonds & goals.

What Crew taught you?
Crew has taught me more about myself than anything else has. It has helped me develop into a stronger person mentally and physically, challenged my limits, and showed me that failing isn’t always a bad thing. It has taught me that I am capable of anything that gets thrown at me, that the amount of work you put in reciprocates your success, and that if you're struggling to improve, there is always another stroke, practice, and week to try again.