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Georgia Institute of Technology


Most memorable crew experience?
Going sub seven for the first time on a 2k, with all of the varsity guys coxing

Most embarrassing crew experience?
Seeing the disappointment on Casey's face after seeing my quad-bowing skills at practice (I don't blame him it was awful...)

Favorite regatta?
Because this is my first year on Sarasota, I will probably say regionals or nationals when I compete at those races but for now, the Halloween regatta. I raced in the light 8 for the first time then.

What will you miss the most?
I will miss the support, camaraderie, and humor shown to me by the varsity guys. Coming to Sarasota (from my small local team in Manatee), I was worried that I would be at the bottom of the barrel but the support of everyone has helped me maximise my potential.

What Crew taught you?
Speaking from all of my years rowing (on my old team but especially Sarasota), rowing has taught me resiliency, and what it means to truly work the hardest. There have been many setbacks in both my rowing career and overall life, but I have always been able to overcome those challenges because of the resiliency and discipline that rowing has taught me.