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University of Miami

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Most memorable crew experience?
My favorite memory at crew is when we qualified the varsity 8 at regionals in 2018. This was special because it was the first time in three years that Sarasota Crew sent a women’s 8 to nationals.

Most embarrassing crew experience?
My most embarrassing experience at crew was during the fall of my junior year at practice when we were rowing the 8. I was sitting in bow seat and we were doing sprint pieces when I caught a crab. My oar was shoved into my stomach and I couldn’t get my blade out of the water. My feet slid out of the shoes and I went flying into the water. I think the worst part about this experience was that everybody else in the boat continued with the piece and they didn’t notice I was gone until they saw my head bobbing up and down as they passed me. Practice had to be stopped for about 10 minutes because everybody was laughing so hard..

Favorite regatta?
Head of the Charles

What will you miss the most?
I will miss seeing all of my best friends everyday. The hard work at practice creates a strong bond that will be hard to recreate with anybody else.

What Crew taught you?
My years at crew have taught me that if you put in the work early on, you will see results in the end. I learned to not take time for granted when everybody is working toward a common goal. I have also learned time management skills which is important when you have to balance academics and practice daily.