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Most memorable crew experience?
We were rowing at the intrasquad regatta and Ethan screwed up the course really bad and afterwords everyone started laughing after John Stainbrook made some dumb jokes.

Most embarrassing crew experience?
My most embarrassing experience was ironically the first time I ever rowed at Historic Spanish Point this year. I took out a single and I assured the coaches I would not flip but sure enough right as I was getting off the dock I flipped.

Favorite regatta?
I think it was first Plant Invite regatta and a lot of us were dressed up as lumberjacks and it was goofy. We did pretty well overall too.

What Crew taught you?
Crew has taught me to keep trying and never give up. As cliche as it sounds, I feel that this lesson applies to lots of things in life, whether it be finishing a workout or trying to overcome a troubling experience, crew has matured me overall.