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Most Memorable: My senior year at Crew.

Most Embarrassing: 2 years ago, we were seat racing in eights. I was getting switched out of one boat and put into the other boat when my foot got caught in the launch. The coach didn’t realize this pulled away leaving me with one foot in the eight and the other in the launch, and before I knew it I fell straight into the water!

In the future, I plan to be: Working at SeaWorld as a Veterinarian for marine mammals.

Declared major in college: Something in the Veterinary/marine biology field

Favorite Regatta: Nationals and Hooch

Miss the most: All of the rowers, the coaches, parents.... and winning

Tips for upcoming Varsity: Always remember HARD WORK PAYS OFF!

What did Crew do most for you: Crew helped me become a stronger, happier and healthier person and gave me opportunities that I would have never even considered.