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Most Memorable: Head of the Potomac.

Most Embarrassing: My contorted ridiculous looking face that is in every Sportsgraphics picture that has ever existed

Favorite Regatta: In June 2013 when I found out that 9 of the kids I trained with had put it all together and become the fastest junior eight in the United States. Words cannot express the pride I felt for even being affiliated with Sarasota Crew.

Miss the most: The camaraderie, the bus rides, the dogfights between mixed eights in practice, the inside jokes, the square game, the singles-in-the-basin days, the murder death kills, Mario Kart, the Dreamcrusher, sacking, Saturday morning steady state, and most of all, the bros. I'm going to miss you guys so much.

What did Crew do the most for you: Crew has created an intrinsic motivation to maintain my fitness and live a healthy life-style.