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Most Memorable: The second 1000 meters of finals at 2013 Nationals. I have never been more excited to end a race and get off the water.

Most Embarrassing: Eventually proving that the lucky racing shirt does indeed keep you from getting last place.

Favorite Regatta: My favorite Regatta would have to be both the Regional Championships that we spent traveling to Georgia 2011 and Tennessee 2013.

What did Crew do the most for you:  I will miss the family that I have grown to be a part of for the past five years. The people that make up our team are some of the greatest individuals I have ever met and will ever meet. Also, Andre Dupuis's beautiful smile.

What Crew taught you: Crew has transformed me into the person I am today and has allowed me to really find myself in high school. It has provided me with opportunities that most people can only dream of completing in their lifetimes.