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University of British Columbia

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Most Memorable: My first ice bath before the Winter Park-Plant Crew duel. The 1V was taking turns submerging themselves in 400 pounds of ice at the Dupuis' home, and my brother wussed out in the first minute. Hilarity and jeering ensured.

Most Embarrassing: Hitting a piling dead on in a double while I was rowing with Crew over Spring Break 2013. Best part is, it keeps coming up in conversations. So much for my bowing skills.

Favorite Regatta: Sweeping States 2014. Hands down, best time I've ever had in an 8, and it was a great race.

Miss the most: The moments in the 8 during long, steady pieces when how much time remains doesn't matter, the water is still, the air is crisp, the sun is shining, and 8 guys are giving it their best while the boat just seems to fly. Florida is at it's most beautiful during moments like those.

What did Crew do the most for you:  Crew taught me the value of trusting teammates. My club never raced competitive big boats, so I was always just The Double, relying only on myself and my brother. Here, I've had the pleasure of racing with guy's equally or more driven than myself, and it's really ignited my passion for collegiate rowing. I want to find in the future, a team dynamic that can match what the Crew has here.