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George Washington University


Most Memorable: My most memorable crew experience was when Coach Kirby rowed in the V8 last year during Nationals training...especially when the rate came up (during pieces).

Most Embarrassing: My most embarrassing crew experience was when my single floated away from the dock and almost hit Dicky Bett's dock.

Favorite Regatta: Youth Nationals 2014

Miss the most: The endless wakes that are accompanied by various howling, hooting, and/or whistling during spring break #theycouldbethrowingrocksatyou - Coach Casey.

 What Crew taught you: It made me realize that anything is possible with hard work....even with a few setbacks..which include, but are not limited to; mono, shingles, a broken toe, and/or an injury...with the support of amazing friends and coaches, you can do anything