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Florida State University


Most Memorable: My most memorable crew experience was qualifying for A Finals and placing 6th at Nationals in the lightweight eight during the 2013/2014 season.

Most Embarrassing: The endless amount of times I have had to use the bathroom while out on the water (novice regatta my freshman year/swing rows with Drew) are probably my most embarrassing moments.

Favorite Regatta: My favorite regatta was Sweep States my sophomore year when the girls 2V was down on Plant by six seats and walked through them in the last ten strokes of the race.

Miss the most: (1) Uni-tans (2) Rowing back from Point Crisp in monsoonal winds while being pelted by rain and becoming hypothermic. (3) Being around people who don't judge me (too much) for my sometimes overwhelming use of attitude and different accents

What Crew taught you: Crew has taught me discipline and that my body and mind can endure much more than my former non-rowing self thought possible, and that, after four years, breaking eight wasn't actually THAT hard