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U.S. Merchant Marine Academy


Most Memorable: >My most memorable crew experience was when a manatee lifted me out of the water in my single, known as Manatt.

Most Embarrassing: My most embarrassing crew experience was last year when I got hit in the head with a single's oar while towing in an eight

Favorite Regatta: My favorite regatta was the 2012 Regional Championships. My eight had three false starts, and each time, Plant was in front of us. Plant was in the lead for most of the race, but in the last seven strokes,my boat pulled ahead of Plant to win the Regional title.

Miss the most: I will miss the support from both my teammates and coaches. They helped me realize that I could do whatever I truly set my mind to

What Crew taught you: Crew means leadership experience, fun times, and a door into a great college. Along with my good grades,crew gave me the confidence and ability to achieve my top college choice, the United States Merchant Marine Academy.