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Bucknell University


Most Memorable: 

After a race in the 2V against Plant my sophomore year, we lost and once the boat was in slings, I ran away crying. Later, I went to Marty and told him I wanted to give the 2V and lightweight 8 to a different coxwain so I didn't screw it up again.  Instead, he told me I had two options: fight or flight. I decided to cox the lightweight 8 that afternoon, and we won against Plant. That experience taught me to never quit and walk away when things get tough or when you feel like you're not good enough.

Most Embarrassing: 

When we were freshmen and didn't have a dock, Allie Pitchford was supposed to carry me int on the boat because I had sweatpants on. She dropped me into the freezing cold water. And the time I accidentally crashed into a scullers launch. And the time I hit the same buoy two days in a row. And the time I crashed into a marker when the Stanford coach was in the launch

Favorite Regatta: Nationals 2014, I remember crossing the line after semis and Cassidy pumping her fist in the air because we realized we had made grands. I was so happy that I could barely breathe, and I was so incredibly proud of my rowers for their hard work paying off. We didn't even expect to make B finals

Miss the most: I'll miss getting to see the sunsets each night and the sunrises each Saturday morning.

 What has Crew taught you: I used to be really shy when I started coxing, but I was forced to come out of my shell. Now, I'm not shy at all and I'm actually a bit too bossy.  I would be a completely different type of person if I weren't a coxswain