High School

  • Grades: 9th through 12th - No Experience Needed!
  • Fall Session: Fall session starts August 13th through December 20th 
  • Cost: $1,250 per Session (Fall tuition is due by August 13, 2018, and covers coaching, programming, equipment, and facility use. Spring tuition is due by January 7, 2019)
  • Spring Session: Start of school, January 7, 2018, through Youth Southeast Regionals
  • Registration Fee - $150 is due at the time of registration ($50 discount if done prior to August 1st)
  • Bus: This service is optional for students from Pine View School, Booker High School, Sarasota High School, Venice High School and Riverview High School. Runs daily for  HS rowers. To sign up for the bus you simply register under the Join Us -Youth Rowing - Transportation tab.

*****There are two ways to assure that you are receiving communications from Sarasota Crew as a parent. The first way is to create your own website account as a parent.  Once you have done that you can review and change the mailing lists that you are currently subscribed to under the Home - Mailing List tab. You must be logged into to see this option.

You can also receive notifications from Sarasota Crew by registering under the parent section of the website.  Please click here -https://sarasotacrew.org/menujoinus/parents-menu/parents and register for high school, middle school or elementary school, as appropriate. You will have to log out as your rower to be able to sign up for the emails. Often we send notifications to only subsets of parents so if you have athletes in more than one age level, please register in both areas to assure that you receive the appropriate emails.

9th through 12th grade

  • Registration Fee - $100 before August 1, 2018, $150 after August 1, 2018
  • This is part one of a two-step process.  Log into the website and you be able to pay the session tuition.  You must pay for the session tuition to complete the process.
Price: $150.00