Adaptive/Para Rowing

More than a sport, rowing is healthy lifestyle pursuit that benefits all people from all walks of life.  True to our mission of empowering the lives of every rower and making our lifestyle available to all who wish to participate, Sarasota Crew offers an adaptive rowing program that many call “physical and emotional therapy without the walls.”

Held on the beautiful waters of Sarasota Bay, individuals with disabilities including paraplegics, quadriplegics, amputees and those with visual impairments team with our coaches to put their strength, determination, focus and patience to use in tackling their next challenge on the open water.  And along the way, they have lots of fun, make many friends and become stronger individuals.

Participants in our adaptive rowing program can either use their own scull or that of Sarasota Crew.  For more information on how you can join our adaptive rowing program, please contact us.