Sarasota Crew Team Empowerment Program

Sarasota Crew is excited to offer a fun, unique, and engaging team building experience for teams and organizations of all sizes.

Sarasota Crew’s Team Empowerment Program incorporates the sport of rowing and impactful subject matter to teach you how to bring success to your team. You will learn the same rowing skills we teach our rowers and be given the opportunity to apply those skills both on land and on the water for the full rowing experience.

Team Building with Sarasota Crew will teach your team how to communicate effectively, build trust in each other, and work efficiently towards a shared goal. Using limited resources, information, and time, your team will have to come together to accomplish each challenge.

Afterwards, your team will debrief and be taught Sarasota Crew's Team Empowerment principles from one of our amazing coaches.


For questions, pricing and to sign your team up please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Sarasota Crew

utilizes competitive rowing to promote strong character, high integrity, positive self-concept, contribution to community, and a healthful lifestyle for all youth and adults in the Sarasota county and its surrounding communities.


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